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the band Who is Black Water Mountain?

Black Water Mountain IS Rock and Roll...  They are a hard-hitting four piece band that brings something both new and old to the music scene.... a "new" classic rock band.


They bring together so many styles in their performances and yet, still manage to meld them into a consistent and recognizable form of music that one could easily label as "Americana".  Point of fact, that term suits them well.

True to their heritage, Black Water Mountain incorporates their music upbringing of the seventies, eighties, and nineties into a new form of commercially viable songs that garner audiences that span pure rock 'n' roll, country, alternative, punk, pop, grunge, and blues.  The band is as much of a melting pot of genres, as this great country is of cultures.


The band has always been hard to nail down to a specific sound.  Their music has been compared to acts as diverse as The Rolling Stones, The Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to David Bowie and Iggy Pop, from ACDC to T.Rexx, Faces to The Killers or The Verve.  That isn't about to change.  "We write what we feel," says Mike Arnold, lead vocals and guitars.  "That will never change.  We don't follow trends, or try to write a 'hit song'; we just play what speaks to us.  The music is us... the songs are our stories.

Their attitudes and ideas about music may not have changed, but there is one thing that is completely new for the band... Their embrace of new technology and social media in giving back to their fans.  "People live their lives on social media nowadays, it's time their favorite bands do too," explains Mike Dirksen, who holds down the bass duties for the band.  "Not some silly publicist, or impersonal twitter feed, but real interaction with the band."

Black Water Mountain is certainly no stranger to the music scene and their new album is garnering attention.  And for good reason.  In a band that has a bit of everything, and touches almost anyone, the one thing you can definitely expect is that there will be something that will connect with you.

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