Black Water Mountain is an America rock and roll act based out of Houston, TX. Featuring a raw, powerful sound, filled with groove and soul that is missing from today’s music, their sound is addictive, with strong musical hooks and an electric stage show. Their first two singles, “WiSh You Were Here” and “Sexy Girl” drove the group to the top of Reverbnation’s Rock charts, both locally and regionally, and into the top 100 nationally. Their music is being streamed and played in regular rotation, internationally, in 13 countries, from the US to Europe and South America. The band has toured extensively across the US, including some of the biggest biker rallies in America.

True to their heritage, Black Water Mountain incorporates their music upbringing of the seventies, eighties, and nineties into a new form of commercially viable songs that garner audiences that span pure rock ‘n’ roll, country, alternative, punk, pop, grunge, and blues. The band is as much of a melting pot of genres, as this great country is of cultures.

The band has always been hard to nail down to a specific sound. Their music has been compared to acts as diverse as The Rolling Stones, The Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to David Bowie and Iggy Pop, from ACDC to T.Rexx, Faces to The Killers or The Verve. That isn’t about to change. “We write what we feel,” says J.J.J.J., lead vocals and guitars. “That will never change. We don’t follow trends, or try to write a ‘hit song’; we just play what speaks to us. The music is us … the songs are our stories.

The Players…

J.J.J.J. – Lead Vocals, Guitars

J.J.J.J. is the Lead Singer and LEADER of Black Water Mountain. 
Born April 4th, 1967 in Chillicothe, Missouri, he comes from the midwest with songs of good times and growing up in the heartland of the country.  Recognized for his down to earth lyrics and distinctive voice, he is known for his high energy stage performances.  Incorporating the playing style of Keith Richards with a little Jimmy Hendrix, when he is on the stage there is 
no sitting still and no one goes away disappointed, that’s for sure.

Mike Dirksen – Bass Guitar

Mike Dirksen, aka “Slo-Loc Mudcat”, is the backbone and foundation of Black Water Mountain’s unique groove. Born in the heart of Oz country in Topeka, Kansas, his musical partnership with band leader, J.J.J.J., has resulted in a fusion of their unique influences into a style that rocks your ass off and moves the rest of your body to the infectious groove. With a bass style all his own, he’ll lock you in and bounce you to the beat till you drop.

Kameron Williams – Keyboards

Kameron Williams is the “King of Keys”, and his royal highness brings his keyboard prowess to the stage with all the flash, pomp and circumstance that just adds the icing on the cake to any Black Water Mountain performance. Whether he’s soaring on a Hammond harmony or blazing through a soulful synth solo, when he takes off, you’ll need a high speed camera to capture his action.