What is Black Water Mountain?

Tianna Hall sings on Alligators and Piranhas

With their new album coming out in just over a month, Black Water Mountain is already working on their next release. And on “Alligators and Piranhas”, they brought in Jazz vocalist Tianna Hall to add some flavor to the song.

Krystle McConico sings duet on Kissing Tree

Motown’s Krystle McConico stopped by Wire Road Studios the other day, and sang a smoldering duet with J.J.J.J. on “Kissing Tree”. The song is a lock for the new album, and the band couldn’t be happier. “No matter what we ask of her, she comes through,” praises bassist Mike Dirksen. “And her energy in the studio is infectious. We really work well together.”

Kissing Tree is in the final stages, along with Wish You Were Here, Sexy Girl, Taking the Borders, Fly Fly Away, and The Week (among others). The band plays to release theh album in time for Christmas.

Houston’s Kelly Dean blows Sax tracks on 2 songs

Kelly Dean with Mike Arnold and Mike Dirksen from BWM

Houston’s own saxophonist, Kelly Dean, came to Wire Road Studios to add some blistering sax sounds to two songs recently. Laying down both rythmn and solo tracks, the end result was a symphonic explosion that cements the songs positions in the upcoming album.

Motown’s Krystle McConico and Erica King pop in to add vocal tracks to BWM new album

August 29th, 2019 Mark Bishop

Krystle McConico and Erica
King in the studio with
Black Water Mountain

Black Water Mountain’s new album, already sporting appearances from B.B. King’s saxophonist, Eric Demmer, and Percussionist Tyson Sheth (Lynch Mob), and Keyboardist David DelaGarza III (La Mafia), added Motown’s Krystle McConico and Erica King to the growing list of A-list artists contributing to their upcoming release. Krystle and Erica dropped ear-popping background vocals to three tracks recently in a session at Wire Road Studios, in Houston, Texas.

While details are still being kept close to their vest, individuals close to the band and involved with the session describe it as “absolutely kick-ass” and indicate that the women added a new dimension to the overall sound and vibe to the tracks they recorded their unique vocals to.

Plans for additional tracks with the two singers are already in the works.

Black Water Mountain Record Title Track for Video Game

July 30th, 2019 Mark Bishop

Black Water Mountain has been tapped to write the title track for a new video game, “My Morphin’ Life”. MML is a retro-themed fight game featuring Power Ranger, Jason David Frank. It is scheduled for release this fall.

The title song, “My Morphin’ Life”, is a departure from BWM’s normal style and highlights the band’s versatility. With an edgier, more electronic, almost dangerous vibe, listeners may be surprised that such an offering came from a group known best for their “Rock n Roll” signature sound. But this song is still all Black Water Mountain.