The Official Music Video for “Sexy Girl” Is out!

Our new single Loulee Loulee Loo Lee Loo is out on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, and everywhere else!

The official music video for Loulee Loulee Loo Lee Loo is out on youtube! Check it out!

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Our new video, “Kissing Tree” is out now!

Our new video, “Marietta Georgia” is out now!

Black Water Mountain to record next video!

Black Water Mountain is shooting their next video from the album, Messy Iz R Beezwaks, next weekend in Wallisville, TX, featuring actress Shevyn Roberts and model Margaret Phipps. Directed and produced by Julian Shereda-McKenna for TLT Agency. Expect the new video to be released this summer.  Being photographed by Ron Fontenot.

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Liked the original Official Video of Can’t Get a Hold of You??? Then you’ll LOVE this!

New Director’s Cut of Can’t Get a Hold of You

Official Music Video – Can’t Get a Hold of You – Original Version

Grand opening of our official BWM Store!

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I love the classic rock’n’roll style of this band. It has a very lively and fun rhythm that encourages dancing and having fun. – Ricardo – INDIE ROCK 2020🤟🎸

I have reviewed Stop Yer Fussin! which is the new song of Black Water Mountain and I found it to be a successful song in which the artist has sought to show all that he feels with the music. I think that in a way he has achieved it since the power of the lyrics of the song is really high and that will help him to get closer to his listeners. I would like to emphasize the part in which the guitar acts in solitary since it is of a superior quality and demonstrates a great work of all the group. – diego93ortega, Spotify playlist curator, ROCK WORKOUT 2020 🎵

A total must-have on the playlist. It just hits where it needs and comes with cool energy. – Daniel, Spotify playlist Canciones Èpicas para Momentos Épicos

Black Water Mountain manages to hypnotize and captivate you right off the bat with Kissing Tree… filled with rock power and some impressive lyrics. – Marco, Spotify playlist 1995 Hits

“Kissing Tree.” put me in a great mood, really. It goes without saying that the band is amazing. – Spotify playlist curator Soy

Hey! I love how unique you guys are, also those vocals are amazing, I would love to hear more of your songs out because my playlist is more happy and uplifting, nonetheless I’ll make sure to check you out on spotify cause I think you are really talentedand I’m honestly in love with your whole vintage vibe.– Maf, Spotify playlist curator

The song sounds incredible, the artist’s voice has a lot of strength and energy, it is full of attitude and an originality, the sound of the guitar notes sound spectacular, the rhythm is according to the lyrics that are composed in the best way, the The rhythm of the song has a lot of style and is super contagious that makes it dance. They have a lot of capacity as an artist, their musical proposal is very good, it is among the best I have heard, – Pablo, Spotify Playlist INDIE ROCK – TOP

The song and the vocals are very energetic and I like the melody, it is very rock n roll, made me wish I was at a concert right now. oitheblog.com

If you guys were the house band, I’d be there every week. I just gotta think you crush live shows. – Adam, Spotify Playlist Curator

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Stream our first Single, “Sexy Girl” here on Spotify, Iheartradio, and Apple music!

I have been singing “Sexy girl” from the beginning it is very catchy! This track has a very intense rhythm, but its musicality remains calm, so the combination is great! An enjoyable, frenetic, fresh and melodic rock song, perfect for my “Garage Rock” playlist! I will add it for sure, great production! – Guillermo, Spotify playlist – GARAGE ROCK 2020 🤘🏻🎸 💕

This Black Water Mountain song is simply brilliant and its vibrant rhythms accompany you throughout the song. It’s such a happy song that it conveys a very positive feeling and that makes you want to hear it again and again. – diego93ortega, Spotify playlist – ROCK WORKOUT 2020 🎵

Our new album is officially released!

A special edition vinyl LP will be shipping in late fall 2020. You will be able to pre-order them right here on our website. There are only a limited number of these records that will be made available, so pre-order to ensure you get yours.

Want a quick taste??? Here’s a Teaser of our new album!

You are a spectacular band. Not only is the song beautiful, but your voices are like angels intoned. The the guitar player is TOP. Congratulations for your work!  – Juankar, Spotify Curator – ROCK HITS 2020 🤘

Very good work i must say. Love every bit of it. Keep it coming! – Paula, Spotify Curator – Best Rock Tracks

 Incredible song!!!! I love the lyrics of the song, I find the artist’s voice really beautiful, I really like his vocal color, it’s special. – sggplaylister – ROCK ROAD TRIP 2020🎸🎸🤘🏽

Wow this is super unique. Kind of like a throwback to classic 70’s rock. But still really contemporary sounding, congrats on that… that’s not easy to do. Little ZZ Top, Skynrd vibes. – Kev, Spotify Curator

It is a very energetic song, in the purest Black Water Mountain style, they have a very nice touch and it makes you dance, all the instruments sound very good, the production is very good I really liked the song. – “80”, Spotify Curator