A total must-have on the playlist. It just hits where it needs and comes with cool energy. – Daniel, Spotify playlist Canciones Èpicas para Momentos Épicos

Black Water Mountain manages to hypnotize and captivate you right off the bat with Kissing Tree… filled with rock power and some impressive lyrics. – Marco, Spotify playlist 1995 Hits

“Kissing Tree.” put me in a great mood, really. It goes without saying that the band is amazing. – Spotify playlist curator Soy

The song and the vocals are very energetic and I like the melody, it is very rock n roll, made me wish I was at a concert right now. oitheblog.com

If you guys were the house band, I’d be there every week. I just gotta think you crush live shows. – Adam, Spotify Playlist Curator

Buy our debut abum now!

Stream our first Single, “Sexy Girl” here on Spotify, Iheartradio, and Apple music!

I have been singing “Sexy girl” from the beginning it is very catchy! This track has a very intense rhythm, but its musicality remains calm, so the combination is great! An enjoyable, frenetic, fresh and melodic rock song, perfect for my “Garage Rock” playlist! I will add it for sure, great production! – Guillermo, Spotify playlist – GARAGE ROCK 2020 🤘🏻🎸 💕

This Black Water Mountain song is simply brilliant and its vibrant rhythms accompany you throughout the song. It’s such a happy song that it conveys a very positive feeling and that makes you want to hear it again and again. – diego93ortega, Spotify playlist – ROCK WORKOUT 2020 🎵

Our new album is officially released!

A special edition vinyl LP will be shipping in late fall 2020. You will be able to pre-order them right here on our website. There are only a limited number of these records that will be made available, so pre-order to ensure you get yours.

Want a quick taste??? Here’s a Teaser of our new album!